Introduction to Premodern Japanese Books for Art Historical Research

Day 1: Monday 15th March

  • Overview of the History of the Book in Japan  
  • Main Types of Book Binding
  • Book Format Conversion
  • History of Printing in Japan (Temple Prints and Gozan-ban)
  • The Relationship between Manuscripts and Prints

Day 2: Tuesday 16th March

  • Old Movable-type Printing 1 (The Relationship with Korean Printing)
  • Old Movable-type Printing 2 (The Relationship with Christian Printing)
  • Old Movable-type Printing 3 (Sagabon and others)
  • Edo-period Woodblock Printing Basics 1 (Book Types and Genres)
  • Edo-period Woodblock Printing Basics 2 (Bookstores and Booksellers’ Guilds)

Day 3: Wednesday 17th March

  • Edo-period Woodblock Printing Basics 3 (Reprints)              
  • Early Edo Period Woodblock-printed Books 1 (Classics and Kana-zoshi)
  • Early Edo Period Woodblock-printed Books 2 (Ukiyo-zoshi and Booksellers’ Catalogues)
  • Early Edo Period Woodblock-printed Books 3 (Illustrations and Tanroku-bon)
  • Mid-Edo Period Woodblock-printed Books 1 (Yomihon)

Day 4: Thursday 18th March

  • Mid-Edo Period Woodblock-printed Books 2 (Kusa-zoshi)               
  • Mid-Edo Period Woodblock-printed Books 3 (Ehon and Nishiki-e)
  • Print Book Covers
  • Colophones – Kanki and Okuzuke
  • Additional Issues and Wrap-up 

International Symposium
In-between Manuscript and Print: Illustrated Books and Scrolls from Early Modern Japan

Day 1: Friday 19th March

  • Introductory remarks
  • Ishikawa Tōru (Keio University), Gulliver’s Travels and Japanese Illustrated Books and Scrolls
  • Suematsu Misaki (Nagoya University), Embodiment and Text – Focusing on the Story of Shigure     
  • Delphine Mulard (Strasbourg University), On Continuous Scenes and Unusual Iconography in Painted Scrolls of the Tale of Bunshō
  • Final discussion of day 1 with Radu Leca (Heidelberg University)  

Day 2: Saturday 20th March

  • Sasaki Takahiro (Keio University), In-between Manuscript and Print - Focusing on 17th-18th c. Books
  • Itō Nobuhiro (Sugiyama Jogakuen University), Painted and Printed Versions of Notable Tales Old and New - A Critical Comparison of Seventeenth-century Illustrations
  • Radu Leca (Heidelberg University), Negotiations of Print and Manuscript in Ihara Saikaku`s Editorial Activity
  • Final discussion of day 2 with Michael Kinski (Goethe University Frankfurt)  

Day 3: Sunday 21st March

  • Kobayashi Kenji (National Institute of Japanese Literature), Illustrated Books and Scrolls Based on “Dance” Librettos              
  • Tanikawa Yuki (Umi-Mori Art Museum), Images of the Tales of Soga – A Comparison of Iconography in Printed Books, Manuscript Books and Scrolls and Folding Screens
  • Aafke van Ewijk (Leiden University), The Yoshitsune Legend as Modern Children's Literature
  • Final discussion with Itō Nobuhiro (Sugiyama Jogakuen University)