The "Marega Collection" at Universita' Pontificia Salesiana in Rome: an Insight into its New Physiognomy

The paper aims at presenting the “Marega Collection” (Fondo Marega) which is kept in the Biblioteca Don Bosco (Università Pontificia Salesiana, Rome) focusing on the new physiognomy the collection has acquired from December 2005 with the arrival of new pieces from the Salesian seminary in Chōfu. After a brief skecth of the collector Mario Marega which sheds light on new aspects of his biography, the paper will focus on the contents of the three sections which constitute the collection in its renewed form: the archive section of kinsei monjo which account for the persecutions of the christians in Bungo; the documentary section which collects a consistent number of unpublished studies produced by Marega; the properly “librarian” section with books from the Edo period up today. The discussion of each section will proceed showing selected examples and offering a thorough reflection about the meaning and the value of the whole collection. Information will be provided also about the projects planned with the direction of the Biblioteca Don Bosco.