Minutes of the general meeting of the EAJRS concluding the 17th conference of the EAJRS at Venice.

1. Approval of the minutes of the 16th conference held in Lund, September 2005. The minutes are approved.

2. Venue of the 2007 conference:

No venue has been decided upon so far.
Possible venues are:
1. Accademia Belgica in Rome: chairman will check the availabilities and conditions
2. Universita Pontificia Salesiana in Rome: Dr. L. Moretti will check the availabilities and conditions.
Rome is home to a number of important collections, including the Vittorio Emmanuele Library, the Vatican Library, the Archives of the Society of Jesus, the library of the Gregoriana, etc. Visit to one collection/museum on Wednesday morning, to another collection/museum on Friday afternoon.

3. Institut d’ Asie Orientale, Lyon? Answer: Not for next year.

3. Next year’s timing:

Wednesday 19 to Saturday 22 September 2007

4. Funding
We thank the Japan Foundation for the continued support.

5. Membership: how to widen it? Eastern Europe, Taiwan, China, Korea

Last year the JF volunteered to identify possible candidates to invite.
Prof. Zhang Baosan from Taipei has accepted to attend next year’s conference and make a presentation on Japanese holdings in Taiwan.

6. Publication of the abstracts and/or proceedings on the EAJRS portal site.
report from Hans Coppens.

7. Registration on the EAJRS website. Fill in affiliation, position (in original language and English translation).
Technical requirements sheet in preparation of the conference: more accurate and timely filing.

8. Union Catalogue of Japanese Books in European Holdings: report from Ms. Izumi Tytler.

9. Tenri library workshop. The UK Japanese librarians committee, in conjunction with the NCC, are preparing an application to fund a workshop for librarians at Tenri University library. The intention is to select ten participants from Europe, and ten participants from Northern America to attend these workshop, which will be spread over three years. The UK Japanese librarians committee would file for funding to the Japan Foundation, whereas the NCC would try to secure funding from other sources.

10. Japan Foundation Survey: the chairman appeals to all participants to fill in the electronic questionnaire as required by the Japan Foundation.

11. Report from the secretary:

12. Possible joint initiative with American organisations of Japanese resource specialists. Sachie Noguchi will keep the NCC members posted about activities of the EAJRS and suggest eligible speakers from the US to the EAJRS.

13. Other business

Positions of specialist librarians in the library of SOAS: positions in essence safeguarded. Ms. Kobayashi thanks the EAJRS for the support.

14. Thanks to Laura Moretti, Hans Coppens and Paul Wijsman and the students from the department of East Asian Studies who helped: Alessia, Alessandro, Elena and Marco.

15. Visit to the Fondazione Cini 14.00 h to 16.00 h:
Practical directions.
Quick lunch, where to leave your luggage, where to meet to board the boat, time of departure.
We thank dr. Alliata for the extensive and expert tour of the Fondazione Cini. We got an insider’s view of an important part of Venice, an unique opportunity.